Online Advertising: Why invest in Youtube as a medium?

Today we move like fish in water through the current digital landscape, we live in an age where we must supply an insatiable appetite for information and entertainment, we are always on the lookout for new videos, and the abundance of new channels offer endless advertising possibilities where we have developed a more short-term focus and a fragmented approach to content.

Thus, for brands it has raised the challenge of capturing and maintaining the attention of users, seeking ways to access new forms of communication and enhancing content. Among these is YouTube, a platform that has become the third largest search engine in the world due to the large number of users who are constantly searching and consuming videos.

If we think of traditional advertising channels, it is to be noted that these bet on a mass of audiences, while for example on YouTube you can have a more interactive and immersive experience, you can reach an audience according to the interests that the user is looking for, being the advertiser’s job to make the short screen time to promote their product attractive, in addition to taking into account that the videos should not be very long because people scan very quickly the content.

Speaking specifically of advertising, this can give visibility to the brand and is the first step to get new customers. Likewise, if you are looking to impact the public, the first thing to do is to know them, YouTube allows you to segment and measure the impact of content, know what people are looking for and create a closer link with them than traditional channels do, which already have a certain cost whether or not your product, your commercial or your advertisement is seen. YouTube only charges if the video is viewed and this in terms of costs is a very strong value compared to other channels. This is therefore a reality that brands must play with, but above all know how to take advantage of.

On the other hand, if the content is interesting, not talking about advertising as such but about organic content, people will visit the channel and share it. We must not forget that people watch videos on the Internet on a daily basis, which implies new and constant business opportunities. This is where the concept of micro-moments comes from, that specific need that people have at a given moment and it is essential to make the service or product reach the person at the right time, this will make them engage with the brand. It is also important to be efficient in the use of the tools, since this platform allows to live a visual experience that is undoubtedly closely related to emotions and needs.

There is no waste of advertising on YouTube. There are no time restrictions and you can target a specific demographic audience, talk to them in videos about your brand, products or services, help users with product usage ideas, entertain them with content, inform them about the industry and much more.

Youtubers are a clear example of how to optimize content and meet people’s need for entertainment. There are no big sets, no marketing budgets, no assistants managing social networks. They just make their videos, talking to the viewer and that is what engages their fans.

In conclusion, through YouTube, brands can connect with their potential customers in a unique and memorable way to provide information, share experiences, success stories and show them why they should be interested in their product, reaching the right audience at the right time and measuring their success.

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