New Year’s resolutions and digital trends for 2023

One of the most talked about topics these days are the acclaimed “New Year’s resolutions”. When we start a new year we fill ourselves with great promises, plans and encouragement to change our lives and start the year in the best way. We propose to do activities that we should already be doing, start the gym, study a language, learn an art, read, among others. It is ultimately a study that we do ourselves to detect where we are failing and what we should do to improve.

Have you ever wondered how this study could help your company? Have you already made a list of resolutions and goals for this year? Do it and make your brand more visible on the web. For this we will help you to know the trends that are setting the pace this year.

1. Innovate in web design and you will surprise everyone with proposals very much in line with the new trends. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Implement fewer menu options, between 3 and 4 will be enough to bet on a much more minimalist menu with fewer options.
  • Make a proper use of the “hamburger menu”, because although they give a very clean look to a web page, this type of menu can hide content that may be relevant to the user.
  • Turn bitones into your allies and make them stand out strongly.
  • Say goodbye to “pararllax scrolling”, it will die!
  • Animations are being used more and more to highlight the contents of a website, however do not go overboard with these, you can not put them everywhere indiscriminately.
  • Minimalism will definitely be the main protagonist this year thanks to its emphasis on performance and loading speed, so make good use of it.
  • And always remember that in web design what is trendy or not, is marked by the user experience.

2. Social Networks promise a much more personal experience, even without being close. So we invite you to make use of the tools they put at your disposal:

  • During 2017 we will see more frequent graphic, video or text content that is not directly related to the product or service, but focused on the consumer’s lifestyle.
  • Live video streaming has become more common every day. Take advantage of it to broadcast your events or launches so that the audience does not miss any detail of what is happening with your brand.
  • 360 photos or “panoramas” have been around for at least two decades, but it is only now that they are starting to become popular with augmented reality viewers. In the coming months we will be flooded with this type of content, so don’t let your brand miss out on this!

By: Maria Juliana Lopera

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