Email Marketing: The fine line between what is worthwhile and what consumers consider spam.

Despite heavy criticism and many announcing its demise, email marketing is more alive than ever. Web users continue to open messages and continue to use email most of the time.

Email is one of the most used means of communication in the world, every day people access different platforms to be in contact with their loved ones or to establish work relationships, so it is a recurrent tool that becomes part of everyday life. On top of this, Email Marketing has a number of other advantages. It has great conversion capabilities and works very well when it comes to finding the way to convince consumers to buy a certain product.

Despite all this, the problem that email marketing is currently facing has to do with the emails themselves.

The risk that users do not open the content or send it directly to the trash can, that they unsubscribe from the database, that they decide that the messages are not important to them and that they turn them off, are the main concerns for brands today. But why should such situations arise?

Here are 4 reasons why users unsubscribe and a series of mistakes that brands should avoid.

  • The exaggeration in the number of emails can tire users.

According to data from the last few years, users say that receiving too many emails is one of the reasons why they unsubscribe, receiving too many messages can make them run away in fear.

Brands must establish a fair balance between what is relevant information and what can become spam. You should not saturate their inbox and messages should be the necessary to not bore the recipient, therefore it has been found that 6 out of 10 people want weekly mailings.

  • If the content is irrelevant, the message will also be irrelevant.

An important element when it comes to engaging the user with the brand is the content. It should always be kept in mind that the content that is being sent serves a purpose, has value and is useful to the recipient.

  • Sending mail indiscriminately can be counterproductive.

Failure to distinguish one person from another or to differentiate between them can be counterproductive for the brand. In fact, people are not very receptive to messages that arrive in their inbox just because, so it is necessary to be aware of the database you have when sending a mailing. Users tend to take a dim view of Email Marketing to which they are not subscribed and this situation pushes them to unsubscribe.

  • Generate a trustworthy image.

For a brand to gain visibility in the network, it is important to create a solid image, which generates remembrance and above all tranquility, which makes users feel comfortable and safe. Many users tend to unsubscribe because they do not trust the source of the emails.

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