Does my company need to have a presence in social networks?

Simple, your company needs to be where your customers are. In the digital world they are talking about your brand even if you are not present. Today’s consumer, instead of asking his friends, asks Google or whoever is behind his social profile.

The arrival of the so-called Web 2.0 era, the emergence of Information and Communication Technologies and the acceptance of new tools and platforms for interaction, managed to insert a change in the way of conceiving and defining different topics of public life, such as personal relationships, democracy, politics and even advertising.

The latter, without abandoning traditional spaces, began to play a leading role in new platforms, expanding its creative horizons to the virtual world. Advertising, understood as a means of communication that proposes to convey an idea or message about a brand or even propose new lifestyles, has found opportunities to attract new consumers every day through virtuality.

And yes, this is how social networks become a protagonist scenario within the new conception of advertising, because although many could say that these are only a part of the second Internet revolution, it is undeniable that today they are one of the most visible and promising platforms. Why? The cybernaut of the new information age is no longer satisfied with extracting content from the Net and his needs began to demand a space where he could share, express knowledge and experiences.

Thus, in response to these needs, the basic search parameters of the network were preserved, but with the novelty that now users become collaborators through the publication of information. These networks function as online communities of users who share similar interests and exchange information, which translates into a database that is highly desirable for any company or individual seeking to gain insight into the preferences of their target audience, direct specific advertising or create activities that generate loyalty.

It is for this reason that both large and small companies have seen in social networks an ideal way to interact and maintain continuous communication with their customers, increase brand visibility, achieve greater reach and finally know and segment their target audience. However, here is the challenge:

If our company’s social networks promise to be a simple loudspeaker, without interaction or concern for the user, it is not worth investing time or money in them. Let’s understand that these profiles are not there to sell, but to make users fall in love, to convince, to make them participate. That is why it is necessary, for a social media strategy to be successful, that companies move from traditional business thinking to one that adds a commitment to both their community and digital media. That is, it is necessary that the company acquires a direct responsibility with the customer.

It is a reality that is impossible to ignore. Nowadays, these scenarios have become the daily bread of people who, as part of a globalized world, seek to maximize communication to and from anywhere in the world. Every day millions of people start their day by turning on their computers as soon as they wake up, checking the latest data of their contacts on Facebook, sending data about their actions on Twitter, posting their videos on Youtube or their photographs on Flickr.

And now, with smartphones, they keep in touch in real time, performing these same operations from wherever they are. Mobility! Today smartphones allow us nothing more and nothing less than to get into the purses, wallets and pockets of our potential customers, offer them in a segmented way what they are really interested in and, once they have done so, make them fall in love with us.

Are you still wondering about the importance of being present today and now? If you need more reasons, in addition to those already listed, how about cost reduction in advertising, better focused marketing expenses and ads that reach an audience already present.

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