Digital Strategy: identifying opportunities

Today, the least relevant component of a digital strategy is technology. Of course it is important and it is necessary to invest

Virtual interview: Online Advertising

We interviewed our Executive Director, Victor Hugo Orrego, who answered a series of questions related to the importance, advantages and current impact

New Year’s resolutions and digital trends for 2023

One of the most talked about topics these days are the acclaimed “New Year’s resolutions”. When we start a new year we

Video, a fundamental tool in your digital strategy

The use of video in the advertising media mix has become a fundamental element to achieve positioning, interaction and branding objectives.

The company that does not adapt to digital will soon wither. Be like the tree!

We all know that trees have greater longevity than other types of plants, that they branch at a certain height from the

Does my company need to have a presence in social networks?

Simple, your company needs to be where your customers are. In the digital world they are talking about your brand even if

Millennials and e-commerce through Facebook

Someone asked me this on Facebook and below is my response. Interesting discussion. Victor H Orrego give me your appreciation: Millenials, are

Online Advertising: Why invest in Youtube as a medium?

Today we move like fish in water through the current digital landscape, we live in an age where we must supply an

Content Marketing: Challenges and opportunities in your digital strategy

In recent years, Content Marketing has become a key element in the implementation of digital strategies for brands. Companies have begun to

Email Marketing: The fine line between what is worthwhile and what consumers consider spam.

Despite heavy criticism and many announcing its demise, email marketing is more alive than ever. Web users continue to open

Digital analytics is not just about numbers

One of the questions I usually ask when I sit down with a new client, or a current client with whom I haven’t touched on the subject is